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Pahal  Traders-
Garlic Supplier and Wholesaler from Mandsaur, Madhaya Pradesh.

Everyone in the town knows Pahal Traders. Our national partners trust us for top quality, machine graded garlic supplies. You'll find at least one partner in your or neighboring state. We cover 12+ states Garlic including telegana, maharashtra etc in our supply radar. We're trusted for real-time Garlic prices of 7+ *variants that best benefit our partners.

Top 3 Garlic Breads

Bom Garlic of size 41+ mm

Bom Garlic

It is biggest garlic in all garlics

It is an laddu Garlic also known as maharaja garlic its size is 36mm

Laddu Garlic

It is biggest garlic in all garlics

Its an Medium garlic of size 28-32 mm which is used for peeling purposes

Medium Garlic

It is biggest garlic in all garlics

All garlic Breads

When it comes to Garlic Supplies,

You can Trust Pahal Traders,

Garlic Inspection

Our Garlic Inspection service ensures that your garlic is of the highest quality with no damage. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections, both by the owner and using advanced machinery, after packaging to ensure that only the best garlic reaches your hands. 

Customised Packaging

Our customised packaging service offers high quality mesh bags in various sizes ranging from 5kg to 50kg, ensuring that your garlic are packaged securely and efficiently

Create an image of garlic sorting machine by sizes where there are 5 conveyr belt and one

Secure Payment

Our Secure Payment service accepts UPI, NEFT, and account transfer methods, ensuring a safe and reliable transaction process. Rest assured that payments will only be made to the name of Pahal Traders

National Range

We distributes AG Brand garlic to over 12 states across the country. Enjoy the taste of fresh garlic in your dishes with our high-quality products.

About Us

Welcome to Pahal Traders, established in 1999 under the visionary leadership of Santosh Goyal. From humble beginnings, we've steadily expanded our presence and are now proud to serve you online. Pahal Traders has been a trusted name in the garlic industry, delivering quality produce to over 12 states. We are committed to extending our reach to even more states in the future. Known for our unwavering commitment to consistent quality and competitive pricing, Pahal Traders is your go-to garlic wholesaler for superior products and unbeatable value.


3 - Step Quality Assurance 

Create an image of garlic sorting machine by sizes where there are 5 conveyr belt and one

Precision Sorting

Create an image of garlic sorting machine by sizes where there are 5 conveyr belt and one

Rigorous Inspection

An image showing customised packaging in different packaging mesh bag of jute and  size 30

Customized Packaging


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26, Krishi Upaj Mandi 

Mandsaur (MadhyaPradesh)


+91 9827577487


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